Penn State's Phi Psi 500 - 1982

Highlights I shot of the 1982 Phi Psi 500 at Penn State...a day long race where runners ran a road course through downtown State College and in and out of six or seven bars. THIS MOVIE CONTAINS SOME CRUDE IMAGES WHICH WERE A PART OF THE PARADE. The course was about one mile in length, and at each bar the runners would chug a beer. There was no borough ordinance banning open containers of alcohol, so the streets were lined with spectators drinking beer they brought. The sidewalks were four and five people deep as thousands of spectators turned out to watch the serious runners in the morning and then watch the runners wearing costumes who turned the race into a parade. Ultimately the powers that be felt the event that was inconsistent with the image they wanted for the town and for the university.

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