Nittany Valley Sports Centre: Year-round Fun for Every Occasion

By Sierra Kennedy

When the Nittany Valley Sports Centre opened in February 2019, it represented more than just a shiny new sports facility in Happy Valley. Years prior, when operators began discussing plans for the venue, it was well established that the center would represent opportunities and enrichment for the youth.

After about 7 years of planning, the brand-new indoor sports facility began hosting fun activities at its 177 Champion Drive location in Patton Township.

The venue boasts 70,000 square feet of space, with 20,000 dedicated to an indoor field complete with batting cages, 10,000 for hard court activities like basketball and about 16,000 allocated to gymnastics. There is also a 4,000 square-foot area dedicated to helping athletes with speed and agility training in partnership with the Parisi Speed School.

The various programs and leagues at the sports complex provide an activity for every member of the family, including lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, softball and adult fitness classes.

While the price for each program will vary, a standard annual fee of $24/per player or $65/per family does apply. But, there are plenty of perks involved in membership, such as exclusive discounts, weekly café discounts and monthly giveaways for even bigger prizes.

One of the most well-received benefits of the center so far has been the free early/late-drop off to summer camps and other programs held on days when school is out, according to Danny Orton, assistant operations director at the Centre.

“We've been busy with day camp during in-service days when schools are out. We ran some camps and saw a lot of kids during the days when moms and dads could drop them off and they could still go to work.”

The Centre’s Summer Camps are just as diverse as the 2,000-plus athletes that are entering the sports facility’s doors each day, and staff members are gearing up for a busy season. The registration window has already opened, with families able to use a convenient online platform to view the schedule and sign-up for their summertime activities.

“Our camps program has been going crazy. It’s starting in June, and we already have a ton of kids who have already registered for those,” said Orton. “We're all getting excited to get ready to start the programs soon.”

Aside from providing Happy Valley residents and visitors with recreational sports activities, the venue also gives the community fun beyond their standard programs.

The Nittany Valley Sports Centre also makes an excellent venue to host kids’ parties, whether it be for an upcoming birthday or other special occasion. Activities such as kickball, tag, wiffleball, dodgeball, relay races and more keep kids active and entertained.

On the planning side, all of their available party packages include a sizeable party room, helium balloons, set-up, clean-up and other accommodations to make the entire experience as easy as possible.

For more information regarding parties, summer camps or general questions about the Nittany Valley Sports Centre at State College, feel free to email Danny Orton at

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