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Becoming The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau

Central PA Convention & Visitors Bureau renames itself as part of enhanced tourism marketing strategy

STATE COLLEGE, PA (Oct. 15, 2019) - The Central PA Convention & Visitors Bureau is changing its name to the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau. The new name was shared with county leaders and stakeholders today during the Bureau's annual meeting at the Pegula Ice Arena.

"Our new name is a more accurate description of our county, a more compelling hint of the joys of visiting here, and a more worthy payoff to the enhanced marketing we soon will launch," said Bureau President and CEO Fritz Smith.

"Early next year, we will launch a significantly enhanced marketing effort to increase leisure and business travel to our beloved Centre County," explained Smith. "The effort to make tourism an even greater economic driver was enabled last year through the visionary leadership of our county government officials and business leaders."

Smith said to honor that effort, the Bureau wanted to be thorough and thoughtful, and grounded in research.

“And so our first order of business before launching that campaign was to make sure our organization was named properly. And we found it was not," he said.

Smith said that market research has shown that either Centre County or State College would be significantly stronger geographic identifiers than "Central Pennsylvania." But research showed that another name was even stronger still: Happy Valley.

"Happy Valley is a unique asset that other regions envy," said Smith. "It is known across the nation. It hints at the wholesome emotions of visiting here. And it pays homage to our beloved Penn State - while extending beyond State College to all the wonders of Centre County.

“From Penns Valley to the Nittany Valley to Bald Eagle Valley, we are really one Happy Valley, with historic, quaint towns each offering visitors something new and different to explore.”

And as for the "Adventure Bureau?"

"Travel and tourism is serious business. But it also should be fun," said Smith. "The Adventure Bureau is a quasi-governmental name with a wink. It hints at the adventures that await the travelers who will choose to come our way. We want prospective travelers to experience the remarkable promise of the Happy Valley region at every moment of their travel planning experience - from the moment they first hear or see or read our marketing, to when they call for more information - and the person answering the phone says, ‘Happy Valley Adventure Bureau, how can I help you?’" 

Edward Tubbs, Chairman of the Bureau’s Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer for Hospitality Asset Management Company, added, “When we made the decision to rebrand, we were in agreement that we wanted to take a bold step; we wanted to be innovative. I think we have achieved that goal with a fresh new name that we hope will entice new and repeat business and leisure travelers to come here, stay here and enjoy all that Happy Valley has to offer.”

Tim Reeves, principal of A&G, the agency helping the Bureau with the campaign, said, "Our charge from Fritz and Board Chair Edward Tubbs and Marketing Committee Chair Scott Walker was to help Centre County assert its rightful place as a leader among counties and a competitor among nations. This new identity reflects that leadership. Indeed, we think it will inspire notice in the travel and tourism industry across the nation - as an identity that doesn't just say to "Go" somewhere or "Explore" somewhere - but rather that hints at the experience that will follow when you do."

In addition to the new name, the Bureau’s website URL will also change from to by early November.

The Bureau will continue to transition other assets to the new Happy Valley Adventure Bureau name.