Top 5 Trails in Happy Valley

Mount Nittany
Mount Nittany is one of the first hikes that most people take in Happy Valley. Some trails are relatively flat, and others are rocky and steep. The trail has a diverse assortment of trees, flowers and wildlife. On a clear day, you can see an awesome view of Beaver Stadium.

Rothrock State Forest
Head for the Alan Seeger Natural Area, follow the left-hand trailhead when facing the trail map sign, take the Mid-State Trail, and you’ll reach the Greenwood Fire Tower! Along the way, you’ll see Standing Stone Creek, cross several footbridges, and are likely to run into turtles and salamanders. If you climb the tower, you’ll have an amazing view of the trees and mountain.

Spring Creek Park
Spring Creek offers a paved walking path that can take you all the way to the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, as well as a gravel path along the creek.

Whipple Dam
Whipple Lake Trail is a three mile loop trail around the lake that takes you past the stream feeding into the lake. Though it’s a short trail and the park is small, it offers great birds-eye views of the lake!

Slab Cabin
Away from heavy traffic, this is a trail where you can walk or run undisturbed. The trail starts at Slab Cabin Park, and takes you through wooded areas and developments.

With the warmer weather, it’s time to get outside! Check out one of these trails for your next walk, run, or hike!

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