How to beat the winter blahs in Happy Valley

STATE COLLEGE – Happy Valley is in the midst of a deep freeze.

According to AccuWeather, Friday’s high is supposed to be 7 degrees. Yes, 7 degrees. Saturday isn’t much better at 8 degrees. Sunday is a balmy 19. So, how can you beat the winter blahs? Well, we have some ideas.

Check out a movie – There were a plethora of Christmas releases, so now is the perfect time to check one out. Nothing beats the winter doldrums like a bucket of buttery popcorn and a cushy movie theater seat. Just a reminder: The local UEC theaters offer $5 movies on Tuesdays.

Tussey Mountain – OK, so it’s a little cold out. The cold temperatures and snow have made for perfect conditions at Tussey Mountain. Whether you like to ski, snowboard or tube, Tussey has it all. Don’t have equipment, no worries. Tussey rents everything. Bundle up and get out there! When you’re done outside, stop by Edges Pub for some cold beers and hot wings.

Winter sports – If gliding down a mountain doesn’t seem like your idea of fun, check out some winter sports at Penn State. Although football has ended, everything else has kicked into high gear. Men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling, men’s and women’s ice hockey, women’s gymnastics and men’s volleyball are just a few of the sports you’ll find on the docket. Visit for a complete list of what’s happening with the blue and white.

Shop til you drop – The after-Christmas sales are still going on as area business and shops try to get rid of stock. You can hit Nittany Mall or bundle up and head to downtown State College or Bellefonte and shop local.

Workout – Did you have a few too many Christmas cookies? Well, if running in single digit temps doesn’t sound like your thing, join an area gym. Hit the treadmill, lift some weights and get back into shape.

Read a book – Stop by your local bookstore of library, grab a book or two and dive in! There’s nothing better on a cold January day than a cup of hot cocoa, your favorite blanket and a good book.

Cook – Make some soup, try a new recipe or simply whip up some homemade comfort food. There’s nothing quite like something fresh out of the oven to get the senses rolling. It’s the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Make a lot and you’ll have plenty of leftovers for the next deep freeze.

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