Enjoy a Great Quality of Life at Any Age

by Harry Zimbler 

If you’re looking for a place to retire -- a safe, active, youthful place, with a wonderful quality of life – you should consider Happy Valley.

“Wonderful quality of life” means different things to different people, but everyone can agree that they want to live in an area that provides them with opportunities to pursue their interests, whatever they may be.

Happy Valley by the Numbers

Both Penn State and Happy Valley have long been favorites on "best of" lists. And it's no wonder – somehow we have found the perfect combination of big city fun and small town benefits, with college town energy added in like a shot of adrenaline. Each of us can tick off the things that we think make it the best – football, the seasons, entertainment, the food. But what makes websites like,, and CNN sit up and take notice? Read on!

State College – Best in adventure, safety, smarts and stress-free living


It’s no secret that when it comes to small towns, State College is a “Best Of” shoo-in – just ask USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, and National Geographic. We consistently top the charts for safest, happiest, and smartest towns in America, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re looking to enter the workforce, change your scenery, transfer to a different industry, or take a risk and strike up a new venture, working in Happy Valley is as good as post-childhood, pre-retirement life gets. Here are the top five reasons to get to work in Happy Valley.  

Happy Valley—The Unretirement Choice for Professionals

Whether it’s the beautiful country side, the abundance of community activities, or the low crime rate, Happy Valley has become a mecca for people who have earned their right to a quiet retirement, but who choose, instead, to embark on a second career.

Wendy Oakes is one such resident. After a lengthy career helping to create medical device start-up companies, the past 13 years of which were spent in Silicon Valley, she decided to begin a new chapter in State College.

Five Reasons to Move to Happy Valley

By  Travis Johnson 

Considering a move to Happy Valley? You’re not alone. Statistics from 2010-2014 from the Pennsylvania State Data Center show that Centre County is the second fastest growing county in the Commonwealth. It’s no wonder. State College continues to rank on national “best” lists, including placement on CNN’s 100 Best Places to Live and Launch a Business, and the #1 spot on Movoto’s Happiest Small Place in America. 

Centre County Schools Among the Best in the State

By Holly Swanson

My family had many reasons for deciding to move back to the State College area six years ago, but the abundance of strong educational opportunities for our then five year old was at the top of the list. The area’s public school districts hold several state rankings in academics, athletics and learning initiatives, while numerous private and charter schools are available to meet a student’s individual interests. 

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